Mifland leather goods
Standard Rucksack
Nearly 3 Years of wear daily. Backpack By Mifland
Used in every weather condition from a blizzard to extreme summers
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Brown Concept One Rucksack By Mifland Leather Goods
Standard Rucksack ( Backpack ) By Mifland (Indigo) 415$ mifland.com
Mifland Leather Goods : Standard Rucksack ( Forest Green )
Mifland Leather Goods
Red Wing Boots ( 877 Jcrew)
Standard Rucksack Indigo
415$usd mifland.com
Mifland Leather Goods : Blue Indigo Bag 1
Standard Tote @ Mifland.com
Mifland Leather Goods (bare)
Mifland Tote
New Balance 998
Montblanc Watch
Mifland Passbook
Rectoval Wallet